"Without understanding, there is only war." ~ King Leovold, 68 PC (Post Conflict)

It has been nearly 500 years since the reign of King Leovold; the last Tennian king to cross the border for diplomacy, 500 long years of destruction and suffering.  Entire generations of Tennian's and Zngranans have been wiped out in pursuit of total victory.

Recent Tennian intelligence has changed the strategy of the war.  With all the devastation, the already dry lands of Zgrana have withered away, and the Shifting wastes in the south east, once held at bay by the grand canyon, have begun to shift their way on to Zgranan soil.  Within a few decades, the Tennian government believes that all of Zgrana will be covered in sand, and the war will end itself.  They have therefore pulled back to the Bloodstained pass, massing troops along the border to prevent any sort of last ditch Zgranan attack.  The Zgranan's too, have grown strangely quiet, perhaps overwhelmed by their impending doom.

With so many government resources tied up at the border, much of the Tennian kingdom is in shambles.  The girl queen Elonir, infatuated with mercenaries and adventurers, has begun to pay handsomely for any individual citizen who will step forward to solve the internal problems of the land.  To this end, she has created the Performance of Outwardly Ordinary Peoples Service (P.O.O.P.S for short), a branch of the government tasked with cataloging and organizing these adventurers for their missions.  If you do too well at P.O.O.P.S though, you could earn a high ranking position in the army and be sent to the border, which is perhaps not the greatest of rewards that Elonir could have thought of.

North of Tennia is the Miring Woods, home to the High Elves.  They are unconcerned with the war between Tennia and Zgrana, but will trade with both sides when presented with the opportunity.

War of Attrition

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