Lysander Kalebaarko


When Lysander was young he lived with his tribe up in the mountains of The Spine, in the upper reaches where only the insane or foolhardy would dare go. He pulled his weight as any goliath would, learning the ways of survival and combat. But as he aged, a rare feat in itself in such an environment, his strength waned and he could no longer provide for the tribe as he once had. A goliath that couldn’t provide like a healthy member was as good as dead weight. Lysander knew this and made the decision to leave the tribe.

Knowing they would likely never see him again, the tribe performed the final ritual. In turn, they each told tales of the legendary goliaths of the past until Calgar, Lysander’s only son, told the story of Lysander himself, committing him to history. With the last of his gear and a small scrap of dyed yeti fur gifted to him from Calgar, Lysander began the trek to civilization.

Lysander survived the trip out of the mountains, and learned that he wasn’t the only goliath to do so. A rare sight to be sure, but not uncommon enough to scare locals. The warm welcome he received at the villages he visited were a stark contrast to the cold tribal life in the mountains. People shared meals readily and told stories as entertainment instead of hoarding every scrap and only telling tales as a funeral rite. Lysander loved the hospitality and began to share the myths of the goliaths in kind. People enjoyed the stories, and Lysander found a niche market to make a living.

He now travels from village to village, telling stories and keeping the memory of the life he left alive in his heart.

Lysander Kalebaarko

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