Svietlo "Svi" Yaskravyy


Galisoca Tenelfragra was born in the Northern Ruins of Gannica. A once prosperous city, from a different era, it was lost to the mists of time. Tiefling’s, driven from Gannican cities due to their appearance, have congregated there and made it their home for the past few generations. They have perpetrated the rumors that it is haunted so as to dissuade travelers from getting too close, and have killed or horrified those few brave enough to enter the ruins that it has been quite effective.

Galisoca was a curious child, always getting into crevices and intent on exploring every inch of her world. One day, a human ventured through the ruins. He was very careful and quiet, and managed to remain undetected by all the Tieflings save Galisoca. She quietly stalked him as he quietly stalked her people. With him, in a small cage upon his shoulder, was a creature Galisoca had never seen before. When the man went to sleep, Galisoca crept up and freed the creature, who immediately turned and killed the man. It then padded over to Galisoca and licked her face. The two became inseparable. This was Magpie the Gliding Pangolin.

The incident sparked Galisoca’s imagination, and she left the ruins to explore the open world, accompanied by her trusty companion Magpie. When she came across the first people, they ran with horror, shrieking at her complexion. From then on, whenever Galisoca awoke, she made sure to disguise herself to fit in among the populace of wherever she happened to be; carefully shading her purple features and engineering buns or braids out of her hair to cover the horns. She would practice in her free time (which was often) and became so skilled she could manage to pass as most other beings. She also changed her name to something that she thought was more “normal” as to not give away she was a tiefling: Svietlo Yaskravyy. or Svi for short.

Svi has no interest in the people she meets, but is fascinated by the places she goes and the animals that she encounters. Magpie is far kinder to travelers, but will attack anyone who gets too saucy with Svi. She has made her way to Tennia yearning for adventure, and it is there that Aucea contacts her.

Svietlo "Svi" Yaskravyy

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